Requirements on Becoming a Foster Carer


If you have innate motherly instincts and want to be around children all the time, but have not been blessed with one of your own children, you might want to think about and consider foster care. Foster care, for the unfamiliar, is a setting where one child or more are being taken care of by people who are not their parents or blood relatives. These children will then be dubbed as foster children while the people who take them under their wing are called foster carers. If you’re interested to know how to become a foster carer, red on and find out.

So you are asking the question ‘how do I foster a child?’ To become a foster carer, you do not need a college degree for it nor a specialization. You can just be an ordinary person living an ordinary life, but have decided to become more and experience more. As a foster carer, you have opened up your heart and home to care for a child who is not related to you.

Fostering may require some things, but there are aspects that they do not have any limitations on. You can become a foster career no matter what your marital status is, no matter what your sexual orientation or preference is. Becoming a foster carer will not be based on your religious denomination, nor your ethical or cultural background. Remember the movie I Am Sam starring Sean Penn? That’s something that can happen in real life because you can still even become a foster carer even if you are a person with disability (PWD) or a medical condition, just as long as your condition is stable and it will not hinder you from providing basic and proper care of a foster child. You can even become a foster carer even if you already have kids of your own. The only condition in this situation is that your children should also agree to accept a foster kid. And did you know that you can be a foster parent  even if you do not have work (this is not advisable but these situations can occur).

The essential requirements to be considered by organizations are usually the following: you are open minded to the idea that you may need to entertain people that are associated with your foster child’s life, you need to attend some training courses designed to assist foster carers, especially the novices, you are clear of criminal records involving any kind of violence and/or sexual offenses, your child will have his/her own bed in your house and you enjoy being with young people.

A foster career is not an easy task. While the foster child is in your care, you will basically be the parent or guardian of the child and you will be held responsible for giving him or her all of his physical, mental, psychological and emotional needs. You need to be able to feed them at least three square meals a day, put them in a good school if they are of age. But through this challenging responsibility, you will definitely feel some form of triumph because you were able to help a child in their time of need.


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